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Broken Tree

2.17/5 (6)

Broken Tree is another fictional course which is extremely long and is difficult to play. It is another one of the currently offered “free” courses. It is a very pretty course and I’ve always felt it was to show off the graphic potential of FSX

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  • Louisville
    • 4:31 AM 7:28 PM PDT
    • temp: 72° F
    • wind: 7 mph E
    • skys: Overcast clouds
    • cloudyness: 97%
    • elevation: 0 ft

Course Review


  1. Tony Paine

    The course is peppered with bunkers, but there is no penalty for going in them – just take a normal swing – so they can be ignored (except for the bunker lips, which you can’t see in the graphics but which seem to catch rising balls). The main drawback of the bunkers is that the mini-map yardages are impossible to read (white print on light sand in a small font), so it makes FSX look bad. One hole (17 or 18?) had the putting green grid dots located somewhere off the green. A lot of very steep holes – more often uphill than down.
    If you are going to play a course with a 693 yard hole from the blue tee, you better adjust your elevation to the 5,300 ft intended or you will be very worn out! I needed 16 mulligans to make it through to a quasi-normal score.

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